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The TCU NFT Ship

The sale ran from November 30 to December 02 and was a strong success for the community. 293 NFT spaceships were sold to new players and veterans in the galaxy. The marketplace is now open for secondary ship sales. Be sure to grab your Terran vessel today!

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Missions, Starmapping, and IRC-31 Multi-tokens

Battle throughout the New Galaxy as you embark on epic missions to earn valuable insight and NFT rewards; Sell your sector maps to help new explorers gain a foothold; Trade materials, components, consumables, blueprints and more in the revamped marketplace.

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Hunt for the final mythic

1 mythic planet remains undiscovered, deep in the void of humanity's new galaxy. As explorers push to the boundaries of these new worlds, the question of who will be first to discover the next mythic world remains, and just what type of worlds they may be.

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From the forge

New to Project Nebula?

LATEST: Game Launch and GEN-1 NFTs

Play-to-earn on 27 JUL 2021 when Project Nebula launches alongside the release of GEN-1 NFTs. Earn 25% when finding new Legendary and Mythics. Discover over 5,000 unique planets. Find your strategy and dominate the new galaxy.

How to Buy NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are your ticket to the next level of strategy and online gaming. They let you control value, ownership, and transferability of your assets. Ready to grab a planet? This 3 step article will ensure you're NFT-capable in just a few minutes. 

Spaceships, Exploration and Discovery

Hop in an NFT spaceship and venture into the void to discover a world of unique objects and encounters in Project Nebula's online strategy game on the ICON blockchain.

LATEST: A Post Launch Update

After the launch of the Project Nebula online NFT strategy game, we saw a nice bump in both players, active ships, and marketplace volume on ICON (ICX). Read on about our next steps for NFT Crafting and more fun discoveries our players have started to make in the new Galaxy.

Lore Based NFT Introduction

Visit the NFT collections menu and you’ll find an ever-growing array of lore for the Project Nebula online strategy game. These stories herald the first explorers to come through the Gateway in search of hope and exploration. The people, their ships and the planets they discover hold significant value.

Fuel, Credits, Industry and Research

Exploration is a large facet of the Project Nebula universe, but how well you explore and what you do with your discoveries will largely depend on resources. This article will easily break down Fuel, Credits, Industry, and Research for you before you hop in your ship and venture into the void in Project Nebula's NFT based, online strategy game.

From the Community

What our Explorers are up to.

A Beginner's Guide

SamBTC  (Medium) wrote an amazing article to help explorers get started in the Project Nebula NFT game online. From Signing Up to Selling a Planet, this guide will make sure your initial journey is a fruitful one. Thanks Sam!

Fandom Wiki

Jo7410 in our Discord server has started construction on Project Nebula's online NFT official wiki-fan page! A growing list of objects you can encounter in space and what they will do for you. Thanks Jo!

Nebula Stats

Batitu in our Discord server created the Nebula Stats page. This unofficial page shows the estimated claims using blockchain data on ICON as well as provides Sector Maps for download and use.

All projects in this Community section are not official projects of ICON Forge and Project Nebula. Any information seen to be inaccurate therein is not the responsibility of ICON Forge.
Izea "Void Sweeper"

"Followed Project Nebula since Jan '21! Loved the idea of having fun and maybe earning too.

I was super unlucky for about 2 weeks, but after adjusting my strategy I was finding more unclaimed planets and even a Legendary! Love being a part of this project and community."

Favourite planet: Sepanggar 


"I heard about Project Nebula in 2020, and was lucky to participate in the GEN-0 presale. The entire community was excited about the game going live this summer, and we weren't disappointed! I can't stop collecting Ocean planets now.

As a big fan of space and strategy games, I can't wait to keep exploring this expanding universe!"

Favourite planet: Vormsi

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